Melissa McCarthy & Rebel Wilson Unite Against Skinny Police

melissa mccarthyWhat do Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have in common, besides co-starring (although, did they even have any scenes together?) in Bridesmaids? Well, they're both funny, fabulous, and, yes, decidedly un-skinny. Which shouldn't even be a topic worthy of conversation at all, but because Wilson and McCarthy both make their living in Hollywood, it's THE topic of conversation when these two ladies are mentioned in the same sentence. And of course the next sentence is always something to do with how/when/why one or both of these actresses will/won't/should lose weight.

The whole disgustingly judgemental and shallow thing makes me pretty dang pissed, personally -- which is why I was thrilled to hear about McCarthy and Wilson's rumored pact NOT to buckle under the pressures of a body dysmorphic society and to stay full-figured


Says a source:

"Neither one of them is trying to lose weight and they’ve formed this little support group to keep each other from falling into the skinny Hollywood trap." 

YAY!! Good for them!! Show those mysoginistic Tinseltown honchos who's boss, girlfriends!! 

Except ... well. I said I was thrilled to hear about this, and I am, but there is one teeny part of me that wonders: Isn't being typecast as The Funny Big Girl just as limiting/insulting as being The Skinny Hot Girl? I mean, real women's weights fluctuate. And most women are neither skinny nor big -- most are somewhere in the middle. Seems like celebrities don't get the luxury of being in-between, unfortunately. (Though those celebrity paychecks must help to ease the pain.)

What do you think of Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy's pact to stay heavy?


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