Kim Kardashian's Secret for Working Out When She's on the Road

kim kardashianWhen wintertime rolls around, it's totally easy to get lazy with your gym routine. I mean, who really wants to get out from under the cozy comfort of a blanket and head out to sweat on an elliptical when it's 23 degrees out, eh? Which is why I hate to tell you that even the world's busiest lady (all right, debatable) Kim Kardashian makes time to work out despite a) it being winter and B) her crazy schedule. An insider recently spilled the details of Kim's workout and diet routine, saying that despite "cheating every now and then," Kim Kardashian always makes time to work out, even while traveling.

Damn you, Kim. I mean -- not only do you have Kanye West as your future husband (OK, so some people may not be jealous of that), but you also just manage to literally do it all. The kicker? It's not just that Kim works out, her secret is that she does it EVERY. Single. Day. 

I guess if she can do it, then so can the rest of us.


Here's the thing: The biggest thing to realize is that going to the gym doesn't always have to be a two-hour affair. You too can do it every day if you just make it a priority. When you're under a time crunch, the best thing you can do is high-intensity interval training. Not only is it efficient, but a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity mixed with periods of less-intense activity also burns more fat and helps strengthen your heart muscles.

So OK, you're willing to try interval training. What do you do? Beginners can hop on a treadmill and start with one-minute running as fast as they can, followed by two minutes walking. Repeat that sprint/walk combination at least 15 times, and BAM -- that's all. Of course, that's if you're really in a rush. There are all sorts of interval workouts gym-goers can try to blast fat.

The summary here? Sure, getting to the gym may not be easy. But putting in some time, no matter how busy you are or how cold it is outside -- it'll be worth it. I promise.

How do you make sure to fit in your workout when you're super busy?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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