6 Things Beyonce’s Surprise Album Drop Taught Us About Keeping Secrets

beyonceIt's Monday, and I'm still recovering from what will henceforth be known as Beyonce Album Bomb Friday. So is my iPhone (no more room at the inn). What I can't get over is how she kept her album and all those effing videos a secret for so long. No leaks?!? How did she do that, and what can the NSA learn from this top-secret operation? Now we have some scoop on how Beyonce pulled off her secret album drop. We've analyzed Bey's strategy in-depth here at The Stir Laboratories. Here's what we've learned about keeping secrets.


1. Come up with code names. Beyonce and her team called the album "Lily" and the whole operation "TNO" for "tell no one." Also, speaking in code names makes you sound cool.

code name

2. Threaten the few people you trust with "scary" non-disclosure agreements.

i will destroy you

3. Better yet, trust no one -- or almost no one. Beyonce's album was released ONLY via iTunes, which was annoying for Spotify users (sigh), but it keep the number of people involved low.

beyonce trust

4. Give people only the info they need. Even people who participated in Bey's album knew only exactly what they needed to know to do their jobs, and nothing more.

need to know

5. Be flexible. Apparently the release date of the album was fluid, since Beyonce was working around her intense tour schedule and the demands of being a new mom. So there was no big drop date to leak.


6. If all else fails, LIE. Apparently Beyonce did tell a few fibs in order to get away with this. I guess we can all forgive her since she came out with the truth eventually!



How good are you at keeping secrets?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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