Kim Kardashian Looks Surprisingly Hot in Regular Old Spandex

kim kardashian A lot has been made of Kim Kardashian's body and style choices lately. She's been working out hard to lose the baby weight (*vomit* sorry, I spew every time I type that phrase, it's a reflex). Headlines proclaim "Kim's Body Is Back." Unless she was astrally projecting in order to better spy on the heads of Throbtron, her body is where, you know, she left it. Attached to her head.

I have been fascinated lately, however, by what Kim's wearing to and from the gym. Kim was just spotted in a black and gray mostly-Spandex ensemble. Before you start sharpening your scythes and lighting your torches, this was work-casual Spandex, not ass-displaying Spandex -- and it was pretty great.


Nothing about this look of Kim's screams sex kitten. If it's yelling anything at all, it's "I have coffee plans after yoga and soooo did not feel like packing a change of clothes." In other words -- it's the sort of outfit I live for, one that's gym-ready and then wearable for running errands afterwards without fear of being recognized and/or shamed for it by strangers.

The pants she's wearing are your basic yoga pants. Provided you aren't shopping at one of those insane yoga stores, you can get them for a pretty reasonable price. If I were Kim, I might lose whatever's tied around her waist. For whatever reason, that look always smacks of middle school's hidden menses to me. The winner here is clearly her popped collar asymmetrical hoodie. Here's one's that similar to Kim's hoodie for a whooole lot less. If I owned that, I'd wear it every day until a stank intervention was held. Even then I'd sit around topless while it was washed, spurning all other clothing.

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you go forever without washing? For me it's jeans.


Image via Splash

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