Kim Kardashian Wants to 'Steal' Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

kim kardashianThere's crazy, and then there's Kim Kardashian wanting the same wedding dress as Kate Middleton. I know. I'll pause while you vomit. It was recently reported that Kim K will be marrying Kanye West at the Palace of Versailles in France next summer -- because when it's your third wedding, you want to do something special. Who knows when the next one will be? And since Kim clearly is under the impression that she's actual royalty, as opposed to just reality TV royalty, she wants to get married in a dress that's just like Kate's. 



A source told Grazia magazine, "Kim is absolutely obsessed with everything Kate and William do. She considers her own family 'American Royalty'. Kim loves Kate's style and while she is planning on several gowns for her big day, she wants the one for the ceremony to look something like Kate's dress. The brief is demure princess and she'll also wear a tiara. Kim and Kanye also want to sit in golden thrones during the reception." Again ... NO!

If Kim and Kanye are in love and want to get married, that's great. Do it up, guys. But A) Is it really necessary to have "several gowns" when you're getting married for the third time at 33? And B) If I had to pick one person's style Kim's was the least like, it would be the Duchess of Cambridge's. When have we ever seen Kim in a knee-skimming dress or a smart, tweed blazer? And when have we ever seen Kate's cleavage and butt cheeks? At the same time?!

Kim, if you truly think of yourself as royalty, that's a delusion you need to live with. But, please -- please! -- don't try to mimic Kate's Sarah Burton gown on your big day. It's such a gorgeous, iconic dress; it'd be a shame to have it tainted forever!

Do you think Kim will wear something similar to Kate on her big day? Do you believe any of this to be true?! This is insane!


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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