Kate Middleton Picks the Perfect Christmas Gifts for George (PHOTOS)

kate middleton baby jumperAdmit it. You've been wondering what Kate Middleton is buying George for Christmas. And if you haven't been, you are now. Is the Duchess gifting her precious baby with a tiny sterling silver rattle? A blanket knit from the manes of 14 golden Pegasuses (Pegasi?)? A gift certificate for a year's worth of baby massages by Madonna's left calf guy? Turns out, no! No to all of these awesome gits! The Duchess is getting her son surprisingly normal presents for Christmas. Presents you can easily get for your own baby if you want to be twinsies with Kate. (And, I mean, who doesn't?)


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According to The Mirror, Kate popped into her favourite London chain store, Trotters, and picked up two adorable shirts for George: One with a Union Jack flag emblazoned across the front, and another with a drawing of Buckingham Palace-like guards on the chest, along with the caption: "Left, Right, Stop!" The flag sweater cost about $57, while the grey guards shirt was around $32. That's not too crazy! Sure, $57 is a little more than most would spend on something a baby is likely going to vomit on, but Kate's royalty! She could afford anything, and she chose this!

kate middleton baby jumper

I don't doubt for a minute that, now that this is public knowledge, these shirts are going to sell out, if they haven't already. Any time Kate is photographed wearing anything, it's off the shelves within minutes. And now that she has a mini-me, the same will likely happen for him. So get 'em if you can, people! Your little one can have a matching outfit with Georgie. And bonus points for the fact that the sweaters are really exceptionally cute.

Would you get your baby a matching shirt to George?


Images via Trotters

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