Miley Cyrus Says Merry Christmas by Flashing Her Boobs to 'Free the Nipple' (PHOTOS)

miley cyrusYou'd think this is the type of photo that people would move mountains for to get off the Internet forever, but obviously that is so not the case for Miley Cyrus. The "Wrecking Ball," twerking singer recently posted a photo (below) to Twitter in support of a documentary called Free the Nipple.

The documentary, which comes out in January 2014, takes a look at censorship laws in the U.S., and Cyrus has brought a lot of attention to the film. Though the documentary actually sounds pretty interesting and brings to light how free society is with violence compared to sexuality -- you gotta wonder if the makers want their documentary promoted in this way?

"It's not about getting your titties out," Miley tweeted Saturday afternoon. "It's about equality." Of course, Miley, of course ...


Merry Christmas indeed. Anyway, obviously any publicity is good publicity, especially if it's coming from one of the hottest, most controversial singers out there. But to have a clearly disheveled Miley flashing the camera and sticking her tongue out yet again in what looks to be rather frigid temperatures -- well, it's not shocking that she's making headlines once more. I wouldn't be surprised if next time she builds a giant nipple just so she could twerk against it.

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Well, she did post this to Twitter on December 11, so she's getting kind of close:

There's no doubt that Miley has much more, um, freeing views on nudity than most others do (she was completely naked in her "Wrecking Ball" music video), but there is a point when you go from raising awareness to becoming absolutely classless. Miley is far beyond that point (she even twerked with Santa while pretty much wearing no pants), and if she feels truly moved by this documentary, it's too bad she can't think of another way to promote it other than with these shock-and-awe type of photos. 

Oh well, though. Miley does what Miley does, and it seems that we can't get enough. She obviously would be very invested in this kind of movie since it seems she wouldn't mind walking around naked all the time, and I guess more freedom to her. Can't help but wonder what she'll do next in order to promote Free the Nipple. Hey, I hadn't heard about it until now -- so I guess whatever she's doing is working!

What do you think of Miley's latest stunt to promote this documentary?


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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