Beyonce's 'Blue' Preview Clip Features a Special, Adorable Guest Star (VIDEO)

beyonce blueThe world collectively dropped its jaw when Beyonce released her "visual" album with 14 songs and 17 videos ... and no one knew it was coming. After taking a listen, one of the songs definitely stands out from the rest, as it's dedicated to her gorgeous daughter Blue Ivy. And the fiercely private star surprised us all when Blue Ivy makes a special guest appearance in one of the recently released preview clips for "Blue" as well!

The 30-second preview of the video was posted on Bey's YouTube page. Yep, it's a very quick glance at her famous daughter, and she utilized her favorite trick by filming Blue facing away from the camera. You can also see the gorgeous songstress crooning away on a porch outside as well as shots of kids playing and ... twerking too.

Still, how wonderful for Beyonce to sing to and show the world what her daughter means to her. And it looks like we'll get plenty of Blue Ivy to come. Check out the preview:


Can't wait to see the rest when the full video comes out! Apparently the full one had been quickly taken down, but some savvy Internet-y folks were able to grab screenshots of some other adorable mother/daughter moments ... and we actually get to see Blue's sweet, cherubic face! Looks like the video is the perfect tribute to how much motherhood has changed Beyonce and what family is to her now.

Beyonce's husband Jay Z also appears and raps in her very, very sexy video "Drunk in Love." The 30-second preview has a completely different vibe than "Blue," but just goes to show how versatile (and crazy hot) Beyonce is.

Bey rules the world. Let it be known.

Are you looking forward to the release of the official videos? What do you think of Beyonce's new album?


Image via Beyonce/YouTube

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