Kelly Ripa Shows Off Surprisingly Ripped Abs (PHOTO)

Kelly Ripa is totally adorbs (even if she is too bubbly for some people -- haters), and definitely teeny tiny, so when I saw this picture of her rock hard abs, all I could think was whoa, in my best Keanu Reeves voice.

Girl’s got muscle. She tweeted the photo of her lying on the floor with her legs up against a wall with the inspirational quote, “whether you think you can or you can’t -- you’re right,” and thanked her trainer for “letting me lean on you.”


Her exposed stomach is something to behold. Now that, my friends, is muscle definition. I didn’t know stomachs had so many muscles! Oh wait, that’s just my stomach that has no muscles. What’s my excuse? Oh yeah, I like cheese and hate working out.

Anyway, it hardly seems possible that this pint-sized talk show host is probably strong enough to take on someone twice her size, but add in the fact that she’s in her 40s and has three kids and I want to weep into my wine with jealousy.

Maybe I will go to the gym tomorrow.

But probably not.

Are you surprised by Kelly Ripa’s six-pack abs?

Image via Kelly Ripa/Twitter

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