Lea Michele's First Performance of 'Cannonball' Will Leave You Speechless (VIDEO)

lea micheleI'm just amazed by everything Lea Michele is doing right now. She's emerged so strong after the loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith, showing the world that for her -- the best way to handle grief is investing her pain in her work. And man, it's really paying off. On the Ellen yesterday, Lea spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about life after Cory -- and gave fans an extra special treat: the first live performance of her new single, "Cannonball."

I'll be honest: I've been wondering how Lea was going to look live, singing a song without all of the theatrics that surround being on Glee. But to say she nailed this one, well, that's an understatement. With so much passion and feeling -- Lea's first live performance of "Cannonball" was absolutely flawless. Watch it, here:


Just the lyrics make me get the chills, nevertheless seeing Michele so defiant and strong belting out those meaningful words. Man, her voice is just unbelievable. And I just love how excited she is to hug Ellen after she's done, ecstatic and happy.

After this, I most definitely can't wait to see what else her upcoming elbum Louder has in store. The album drops March 4. 

What did you think of Lea's performance?


Image via theellenshow/YouTube

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