Lindsay Lohan May Have Been the Only Sober One at Crazy Mansion Party

Lindsay LohanIt seems like ever since Lindsay Lohan got out of rehab in August, she hasn't exactly been on her best behavior, according to the gossip pages. The lastest incident involved a bizarre scene where Barron Hilton, younger brother of Paris and Nicky, supposedly blamed Lindsay for sicking a guy on him, who promptly beat him to a pulp for talking smack about Linds. Some reports even clamed Barron will be suing Lindsay. But one person who was at the party has a whole different story -- one that makes Barron look rather bad. And makes Lindsay look, well, pretty good!


A writer who was at the party in a Miami mansion belonging to Ray LeMoine, Lindsay MaHarry, says that far from being the cause of trouble at the bash where Barron got bashed, LiLo was, in fact, totally "on the wagon" and had gone to bed early to avoid being around drug users. This jibes with what her father, Michael, has been saying. He claimed all along that as soon as Lindsay saw that people were doing drugs, she called him and holed herself up in a bedroom.

MaHarry says it was really Barron who instigated everything. She writes in the New York Observer:

One of the post-adolescent billionaires bought an ounce of molly -- a rock the size of a racquetball -- and pretty much everyone was on drugs -- everyone except Ms Lohan (surprisingly) and Mr LeMoine (who slept).

She claims that when Barron was asked to leave around 11 a.m after a full night of partying, he became "incensed" and "began screaming." She claims he pulled the old "don't you know who I am?" routine, only even more juvenile, as he went for the old "don't you know who my sisters are?" routine. She writes:

Perhaps Mr Hilton was confused, assuming anything with nine or more bedrooms must be a Hilton property. This litany of awfulness included but was not limited to: 'Do you know who my sisters are?' and 'I’m not going to be cool.'

He allegedly also squealed at LeMoine:

Don't f**k with me! Don you know who my sisters are? Paris and Nicky!

Ooooo, Paris and Nicky! He says that like they're Mafia dons.

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Anyway, at least according to this account, it sounds like one of the few times that trouble followed Lindsay, not the other way around.

But perhaps in the future she might want to head to a nice low key restaurant rather than a D-list celeb and spoiled rich brat party in a mansion on Star Island. Somethng tells me there will be less drama.

Do you think Lindsay is sticking with sobriety?

Image via Lindsay Lohan/Flickr

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