Tiger Woods' Half Brother Accused of Frightening Bomb Threat

tiger woodsTiger Woods hasn't had a very easy time with his reputation. His Golden Boy image was forever tarnished by a string of torrid affairs with a slew of unsavory women -- some of which were reportedly porn stars. Now divorced and happily dating professional skier Lindsey Vonn, he has to deal with fallout from another humiliating scandal.


But not by any doing of his own. This time it's his half-brother who is sparking CRAZY headlines -- but since he is the sibling of one of the greatest golfers in the world, it's big news.

Earl Dennison Woods, Jr, is in deep trouble now after cops say he called in a bomb threat to the Phoenix office he works in. Specifically, he said he had a bomb and was going to blow it up. Not surprisingly, the call caused a huge panic and 100 employees were forced to evacuate the building.

The bomb threat was fake, thankfully, and during their investigation, cops narrowed in on Woods and he admitted to the whole thing. But according to him, it was a joke. A silly, harmless joke. Now, I am not sure if this man has been living under a rock for the last 12 years, but bomb threats are anything but a joke in this day and age. In fact, I can't think of a time or place this would EVER have been funny. Well, the cops certainly aren't laughing either. Woods was charged him with using an electronic device to terrify, intimidate, threaten, or harass others.

Word is Tiger and his brother are not close. I can't imagine this would make him any more eager to reach out.

Do you think this really could have been a prank?

Image via Tour Pro Golf Clubs/Flickr



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