The Kardashian Christmas Tree Might Be the Saddest One You'll See This Season

kardashian christmas treeI know times are tough for the Kardashians. Kris and Bruce are split up. Khloe and Lamar are having issues up the wazoo. And then there's Kanye being Kanye. They have it rough, this family. So I can't really fault them for having a Christmas tree that looks like this.

Sure it's huge and decorated with precision. Those red velvet bows seem to kiss all the right branches. The perfectly placed red and silver ball ornaments. The white lights elegantly draped. The gorgeous star topper. And of course the holly garland adorning the impressive double staircase. But it's a sad tree. It lacks what most Christmas trees are bursting with.


It has no soul.

Where are the ornaments that tell a story? I want to see the hand-print snowman that Kim made when she was 5. I want to see Khloe's homemade snowman she crafted back when she was the littlest sis. I'm sure Kourtney has made some ornaments with Mason and Penelope. I want them to liven it up. I want to see that cheesy but adorable mouse wearing a top hat on skis. And the one of a hot dog smiling and wearing a Santa hat. Oh wait. Am I the only one with those kinds of ornaments? I want to put the 'fun' in Christ-fun-mas. Where is the joy? Where is the love? Where are the memories? Where are the presents?

This is in Kris Jenner's home. Not in a big department store. Not in a museum. A person's home. A mother's home. A grandmother's home. I don't even think this tree smells like pine. It's so bland it probably smells like nothing. Their Christmas card was SO much more exciting! Couldn't they take a cue from that? Mini Wheaties boxes with Bruce's face on them as ornaments would be amazing.

Kome on, Kardashians! If you are going to have a tree be this dull and heartless and sad, have it karved into a K to give it some kind of something. Maybe Kanye could come over with a chainsaw, and film himself making it into a K while Kim writhes her half naked body all up and down those stairs? Yeah. That will give it some soul.

What do you think of the Kardashian Christmas tree? Boring? Sad?


Image via krisjenner/Instagram

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