Beyoncé Shocks Fans By Dropping Secret 'Visual Album' While We Sleep! (VIDEO)

How did she pull this off?! How in the world did a woman whose every move is tracked by millions manage to keep this huge secret from all of her fans? Proving that she is a modern marvel, Beyoncé gave her many admirers a thrill this morning when they woke up to discover she had released an album of 14 new songs and 17 videos on iTunes. Oh, and that's not the only secret she's been keeping.


Apparently, the pop queen has been putting her family to work and guests on her self-titled album include both Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy. How cute is that? Other guests include Drake and Frank Ocean. 

But here's what makes this release super unique: it includes a visual component that proves Beyoncé is an artist -- or at least aspires to be more than just a singer. She created videos, mostly containing footage from her worldwide Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, that are meant to convey to fans the images she's imagining when she listens to each of her songs. Trippy. This has the potential to be pretty cool, or embarrassing. I'll cross my fingers for her.

The truly amazing thing here is that the 32-year-old is such a giant in the music industry that she -- and all of her people -- know darn well she has no need to pump up the release of this album weeks beforehand. Everything this lady touches turns to gold and this will be no exception.

If you're interesting in buying a physical CD, they will be released in stores in time for the holidays. For now, you can download the album and its visual tracks on iTunes and check out this video preview right here:

What do you think of Beyoncé's ability to keep this album hidden? Will you be downloading or buying it? 

Image via YouTube

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