Kate Middleton Wears Super Famous Dress for the Second Time (PHOTO)

kate middleton
The dress so nice, she wore it twice.
The Duchess of Cambridge attended an event on Wednesday at the Natural History Museum, and -- least shocking news ever alert! -- she looked flawless. Kate's famous locks, now a few shades darker, were glossy as usual; her physique was lithe; and her expression conveyed the sentiment "I'm genuinely so pleased to be here, but please don't forget that I'm much more important than you" perfectly.

Oh, and remember that gorgeous black lace Temperley gown Kate wore to the War Horse premiere last year? The Duchess wore it again last night.

Recycling such an iconic dress? Bold!


As we all know, Kate is no stranger to wearing the same thing more than once. And that's one of the things we love about her. But it takes an extra confident celebrity to repeat such a famous dress at a red carpet event. If you're a fan of Kate, you know this dress. Her jewelry was even almost the exact same!

Now, I could be crazy, but there seems to be a trend toward "less is more" lately when it comes to clothing and accessories. A few really nice, quality pieces as opposed to closets overflowing with cheap, poorly-made junk. And it isn't just regular folk who are gravitating toward this concept, the rich and famous clearly are, too. Aside from Kate, Keira Knightley just wore her gorgeous Chanel wedding dress on the red carpet -- for the second time!

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I love that Kate wore this stunning black gown another time. Not only because it demonstrates how down-to-earth and grounded she is, but because this dress is just too pretty to only wear once.

Did you recognize this dress of Kate's?


Image via Splash News

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