Kylie Jenner Looks More Like a Kardashian Than Ever With Bold Lips & Nails

Kylie JennerEvery single lady in the Kardashian clan loves them some makeup. We, in turn, love them for it. True story, Kim Kardashian once inspired me to go get airbrushed makeup put on. It was like a beautiful nightmare.

They are all about bold looks. Even members of the younger generation do not hesitate to try something a bit daring when it comes to lip or nail color. Take these recent snaps of Kylie Jenner taken as she was leaving a nail salon.


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Kim and Khloe Kardashian are known for using bold lip color, and now baby sis is following in their stylish footsteps. But Kylie is making the look her own. She's rocking her matte-look red with a totally casual weekend boho kind of vibe instead of the structured statement looks her sisters tend to favor. Her more mellow approach to fashion makes her choice in lippy pop even more than it's designed to -- and I love everything about it. Hail Throbtron!

But don't let Kylie's jeans and distressed wash sweatshirt fool you. She is still very much every inch the fashionista. Did you see those nails?! Long, pale purple perfection. You might be thinking that such a hue isn't exactly seasonal. But I've got news for you -- when it comes to lilac, there's NEVER a wrong time of year.

All together, it's a look definitely worth coveting. We might not be able to be all "Giiiirl, where'd you get them things?!" But we do have ready access to the Internet. Which is almost like actually knowing a Kardashian (go with it). For a long-lasting matte-red lip like Kylie's, check out MAC's Ruby Woo ($14, World's Best Hair Care). To mimic Kylie's nails without the commitment, try these easy to apply and even easier nail polish stickers by Incoco in 'Kiss Me' ($7.99,

Are you a slave to the seasons or do you use whatever color you want, whenever you want, you daring creature?


Image via Splash

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