Kim Kardashian Wears Gold From Head to Toe Like She's a Queen (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianUhhhh, you might want to get your sunglasses before staring too hard at this photo of Kim Kardashian wearing gold from top to bottom. Like literally from head to toe. Gold dress. Gold coat. Gold-encrusted purse. And of course, gold sandals. Heck ... even her hair has hints of gold going on. Bam.

She chose this little get-up for the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment event -- and needless to say, she kind of stood out as the belle of the ball.

And while some will probably argue that this look is a bit indulgent -- I actually think dressing like a piece of bling really suits her.


First of all, the dress really accentuates her curves -- in a very good way. She's worked so hard to shed her baby weight, and it's obvious that she's more than well on her way to getting her famous figure back.

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And second? You know Kanye West was bouncing off the walls when he saw his bride-to-be decked out in gold like the royal lady he knows she is. Huh. I wonder if he had an influence on her choosing this ensemble? Odds are good. Kanye digs all things sparkly -- especially when they're adorning his best gal.

What do you think of Kim's gold look?


Image via Splash

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