Kim Kardashian's Recent Slimdown Is Thanks to a Dangerous Diet Trick

kim kardashian hollywood reporter breakfastJust several months ago, the world tortured Kim Kardashian for her pregnancy weight gain. Now, it's all about her much-ballyhooed slimdown. What's not to love about a new mama who got her body back? Well, I just can't love it if the way she dropped the baby weight was totally unhealthy and unrealistic!

While it seems absolutely out of the question that she didn't resort to at least a little plastic surgery to score her current figure, apparently she really does mean business when it comes to her diet and fitness plan, too, which People has ALL the nitty-gritty on. Kim's vowed to stick to this regimen while on the road with Kanye. How admirable that would be ... if it wasn't nutso!


Kim reportedly owes the pounds she's most recently lost to the help of "a trainer on tour" and "a chef to keep her meals carb-free. With the exception of some cheat days, because she is realistic now, she sticks with it!" a source explains.

So, hold up. Not only does she have a personal chef -- something most of us only wish we could have to ensure healthy, regulated meals! -- but this chef is only making CARB-FREE food? Ugh. What the ...? It's one thing to strive for a low-carb diet, but NO carbs? That's ridiculously dangerous. Unless this supposed insider misspoke, I'm actually a little bit worried for Kim!

Ever since carb-cutting diets became de rigueur, there's been a seriously messed-up misconception that fewer carbs equals more weight lost. But any legit nutritionist will tell you that it's more about what carbs we're eating ... Simple carbs (like white bread, sugar, etc.) are no-nos obviously, but complex carbs (legumes, whole grains, vegetables like sweet potatoes or broccoli!) are the body's fuel. Our hormones, metabolisms, and thus, overall energy and fat-burning just don't work properly without them! And being that Kim's also supposedly "working out almost every day" by running and weight training, she needs the right nutrition!

Sadly, if she keeps up this extreme diet, Kim could be gearing up for a nasty yo-yo effect. Bummer, cuz that's the last thing she wants ... or needs as a bride-to-be, new mom, and busy star.

How do you feel about including carbs in your diet?


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