Rihanna Shows Off All Her Free Holiday Gifts for No Apparent Reason

Rihanna's Swag'Tis the season for gift giving. Top of my style wish list? I ache for an Alexander Wang dress. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than a Wang Wrap (which is also, coincidentally, what she said). The difference between me and a celebrity like Rihanna though? I don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of finding anything couture hiding underneath my Christmas tree come the morning of the 25th.

But Riri? Girl didn't even have to wait for Christmas day to start amassing a pretty serious gift haul. Because Rihanna is such a designer's darling, it's not exactly a surprise that when the season for giving and receiving rolls around, they shower her in goodies.


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Rihanna shared Instragram pics of her haul. It included goodies by Rodarte, Prada, Opening Ceremony, and Versace. The swag included designer shoes, shirts, bags, and so much more. So basically, her closet from Christmas gifts alone looks like what I hope heaven will resemble. Awesome. No, I don't feel bad about myself or remotely jealous. Nope. Not at all.

A personal gift from Dontella Versace? No big deal. Look at me shrug. I mean, after all, extreme and luxurious style-gifts aren't anything new. David Beckham once gifted fashionista Victoria "Posh" Beckham a diamond encrusted purse that was valued at more than $100,000! Courteney Cox loves Chanel and her bestie Jennifer Aniston so much that she bought her a Chanel bicycle. That's definitely a gift for someone who seems to have it all.

Rihanna may have it all too, but she certainly doesn't seem to mind more. Take, for example, this insane neon pink clutch courtesy of Stella McCartney. I AM OBSESSED. The shape, the texture, the size. It's all perfect:

The difference between those other big celebs and Rihanna? They don't go around sharing photos of all their fabulous and stylish presents online. I mean, I know she makes a lot of charitable donations, but dude -- that doesn't make it cool to rub your insanely on trend wardrobe in our faces, ya know?

Like, just when I thought the madness had stopped, she shared this insane personal note from the girls at Rodarte. In addition to teasing the gifts they sent her way. It was basically more than I could stomach. She needs to stop already.

Do you think it's cool she shared, or is this just a humble-brag?


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