Ashton Kutcher Makes It Obvious Where His Relationship With Mila Kunis Stands (PHOTO)

ashton kutcher mila kunis twitter sun kissJust in time for Turkey Day, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's marriage officially came to an end. A couple of weeks later, it couldn't be more apparent that he is very happily divorced -- and very much in love.

Ashton took to Twitter yesterday to post a PDA-packed pic of himself and Mila Kunis sharing a passionate kiss at Sun Records underneath a neon sign titled "SUN" in Memphis, Tennessee. Really, all you can see is their silhouettes, a little bit of Ashton's eye, and the outline of Mila's relaxed bun 'do. And Ashton captioned the romantic selfie (usie?), "Sunset #nofilter." Awww! No filter, indeed!

Being that the couple has been pretty darn private for the almost two years they've been together, I'd take this snap as a sign that in the wake of the divorce finalization, they're ready to be "out and proud" about their relationship. And really, why shouldn't they be?!


It's been over two years now since Ashton and Demi initially parted ways. Divorce is never easy, of course, but by Hollywood standards, they're ancient history! And I'd venture to guess Mila and Ashton's romance began blossoming even further back, so that smooch pic's been a long time comin'!

The bottom-line: They seem beyond over-the-moon, blissed-out happy with one another. Now that Ashton is fully through with his marriage, he probably feels like he can finally share at least a little bit of his bliss with Mila with the world. A lot of celebs have taken a LOT less time to do the same (cough Kim Kardashian, Kelsey Grammar, Tori Spelling, etc.) after a divorce! Mila and Ashton deserve to go public -- especially being that it sounds like an engagement could be happening any day now.

How do you feel about Ashton and Mila's kissy pic? Too soon or a long time coming?


Image via Ashton Kutcher/Twitter

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