Amy Adams Describes Kissing Jennifer Lawrence as 'Emotional' (VIDEO)

kissing Jennifer LawrenceAmy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are two of today's best-loved actresses. Both are smart and beautiful and funny and talented. And in their latest movie, American Hustle, Adams and Lawrence also share a kiss. OMG! Cue the insanity!

Adams detailed that kiss recently and, predictably, the Internet has gone wild wanting to hear all about it. It's not unlike Brokeback Mountain when 90 percent of the focus was not on the movie itself, but the guy on guy action between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. But get over it, people.

Adams played it pretty cool, saying:


Well, I feel like Jennifer really made that contribution. I came up with the idea, but she executed it in a way that felt driven purely from character. It didn’t just feel like a moment where two girls are going to kiss onscreen -- it felt emotional. And the laugh she gives after? That was genius ... So, I think that was this great, crazy moment. I threw my neck out, actually.

It's a role. They kissed. The end. Meanwhile interviewers have been asking her to describe JLaw's full lips and been acting like giggling middle schoolers. Relax, people. It's called acting.

I recently read that Mark Wahlberg turned down a role in Brokeback Mountain because he didn't like the idea of the sex scenes. That is his prerogative I suppose, but it does sort of beg the question: What about all the gay actors who play straight?

I like to think Hollywood is a place where people can be themselves, but we ALL know the rumors about people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I'd like to think that if they were gay, they could just be gay, but could they be? Really?

Until we grasp the fact that some people are straight, some are gay, and actors are paid to ACT like their characters, then we are never going to advance past the middle school fascination with things like girl on girl kisses. OMG! So scandalous!

See a preview for the film below:


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