Kate Middleton & Prince William's Christmas Plans Are Totally Unexpected

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince GeorgeI don't know about you, but when I got married, deciding how to break up the holidays among our many family members wasn't an easy task. You'd think Kate Middleton and Prince Will might have the same problem, given how different their families are -- how different every family on Earth is compared with the Royals, to be fair. But the amazing duo is yet again proving they have this marriage thing DOWN and that they're going to do things their way. According to reports, Prince George's first Christmas is bound to be extraordinary -- and not at all what you'd expect. 


In the past, the Royals hosted pretty stiff Xmas parties complete with actual timetables and instructions handed out to guests. Yikes. As if remembering which fork to use at the royal table isn't bad enough. But Will was apparently inspired by the time he spent with the Middletons last year. They played board games, Pippa probably told an improper joke or two -- it sounds like an absolute orgy in comparison. 

To celebrate their baby's first Christmas, Kate and Will are getting both the Middletons and 30 of the Queen's relatives together at the family's Sandringham House to toast the holiday with tea, scones, presents, mulled wine, and lots of games. Nope, not polo -- Pictionary! Can you imagine? How much money would you give to take a peek at the Queen's drawing of a surfboard? 

Rumor has it that Prince Harry will be returning from the South Pole and has promised to bring a Wii console (no word on whether Cressida will join the family). Oh, and that Pippa is planning a Wii Olympics tournament. Has anyone reminded them that they're supposed to be royalty and are not allowed to have this much fun?!

Kate and Will have not only managed to bring their two families together -- something many of us struggle to do during the holidays -- but are also taking huge steps to make Christmas a more down-to-Earth occasion filled with laughter and fun. Is there anything these two can't do? 

What do you think of Kate and Will's casual Christmas plans? Do you celebrate with both families or do you split up your holidays? 


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