Kerry Washington's Pregnancy to Be 'Handled' Perfectly on 'Scandal'

olivia pope scandalEver since we first heard that Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha were expecting, Scandal fans have been buzzing about what this means for Olivia Pope's storyline in season 3. Is she going to end up pregnant with Fitz's baby? Or perhaps -- equally scandalously -- Jake's?! Doubtful, but one thing's for sure: Shonda Rhimes and Co. are cutting the season down from the originally ordered 22 episodes to just 18, and tongues are wagging that Kerry's late winter/early spring due date could be the cause for that call.

No one over at ABC is confirming the exact reason for trimming Scandal's current season. But whatever it is, it seems wise to wind it down before the already over-the-top show got completely unrealistic!


What I mean is that all too often, series try to work through a star's pregnancy, hiding her in bulky outfits or flowy maxi dresses. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City? Sure, Carrie Bradshaw could pull off that random flirtation with boho chic, but Olivia Pope? The Queen of glorious fitted Gucci trenches and structured Armani pantsuits? Sure, she rocks the occasional roomy sweater or cardigan as around-the-apartment loungewear, but I can't exactly see her "fixing" all that she needs to fix in those outfits. This is a character who has had to send underlings to grab her suits from her apartment when she was stuck at the White House crisis managing! Not seeing "covering up" her baby bump coming all that easily!

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What's more, who knows how much of Olivia's stress Kerry shoulders by portraying her ... I can't imagine it's easy to be all that Zen in the midst of all that murder and mayhem, you know? Either way, I'm sure any actress could use a break from a rigorous shooting schedule to chill and enjoy her last trimester -- or however long she'll have between the season's wrap and the arrival of her little one. So props to whoever made the call to abbreviate the season. It may not be what we Scandalistas want (more Olitz, please!), but it is probably for the best.

Would you have liked to see Shonda "handle" Kerry's pregnancy differently on the show?


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