Tila Tequila Poses in Nazi Costume Then It Gets Worse

tila tequila

First impressions aren't always accurate, except, of course, when they are. Like, remember the first time you saw Tila Tequila and you thought, "Now there's a trainwreck of a human being whose personal opinion has no place in a public forum whatsoever?" In that case, your first impression was 100 percent on the money. And you don't have to take my word for it: Tequila (must I actually act as if that's her real last name?? I guess I have no choice) herself has always done everything in her power to prove your gut instinct right, most recently by posting a picture of herself on Facebook wearing a Nazi costume. Yep. Oh, and it gets worse. 


Apparently "Tequila" is a Nazi-sympathizer of sorts. She wrote:

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a special and sweet kid who had a dream to become a painter. He was a brilliant artist and was ahead of his time. He had hopes, and dreams just like we all do.

Unfortunately, the art schools did not feel the same as he and they rejected him. Fast forward a few years later he was roughed up and bullied on top of that by the same people he once loved. His Name was Hitler.

Um, a SPECIAL AND SWEET KID? She then went on to compare herself to good old buddy Adolf, talking about her experience converting to Judaism last year:

[The Jews] mocked her, rejected her and laughed at her through and through when all she ever did was show them her love.

Yeah, sure. All you ever did, huh? Why do I have a hard time believing that? 

Both the pic and Tequila's comments have since been deleted. But the best part is, all of this madness comes right on the heels of another insane rant by Tila about how she "knows" Paul Walker was murdered, probably by the same people she "knows" murdered a young woman in L.A. in 2013. Yikes. I guess all we can do at this point is hope that Tila Tequila has somebody in her life who cares and will get her some professional help, stat. Cause the girl is clearly not in her right head.

Do you think Tila Tequila needs help?


Image via Facebook

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