Harry Styles’ Latest Date With Kendall Jenner Should Worry Her

Kendall Jenner

You have to hand it to Harry Styles. He totally knows how to treat a lady. Harry reportedly brought his new girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, to a gay bar in New York City. A source tells US Weekly that the One Direction star and his Kardashian-ish lady friend popped up at Therapy, a gay bar in Hell's Kitchen, with some other friends. And the source also tattles that this isn't the first time Harry has stopped in to the man-themed venue. Kendall, I think we have a word for this. It's called beard.


Harry, Kendall, and some pals apparently watched patrons dancing (oh those gay men, how they dance) but didn't indulge themselves. That's because Harry was too busy whispering in Kendall's ear, "What about that dude? Do you think he's hot? I mean, as a woman. Because I totally don't find him hot. Oh wait, is he headed to the bathroom? Hold up a minute ..."

Of course, I'm totally joking. We all know that Harry brought Kendall to a gay bar for her. So that Kendall could look around the entire room at all of the totally awesomely hot gay dudes (gay dudes in Hell's Kitchen are hot) and she knew she couldn't pick up one of them! Just a way of Harry keeping his new pretty girlfriend in check.

So the source also said this isn't Harry's first time at the bar. Funny, I've never seen him there. Haha. Joke.

Shame on the source who spilled the beans about Harry and the gay bar. Celebs can usually hang out in gay bars without anyone tattling. Do you know how long gays wanted to out Anderson Cooper and didn't do it?

I guess this sort of thing might be expected from a guy who said he's "pretty sure" he's not bisexual.

He's also "annoyed" by people who speculate about his sexuality. And going to a gay bar will totally stop that.

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Anyway, Kendall, I'm not saying you might want to seriously consider what's up with a guy who brings you to a gay bar for a date -- but check his phone apps. See anything called Grindr? If so, consider carefully when he tells you it was his assistant who used the app. David Arquette got away with that one, but I know you are much smarter than Courteney Cox. (Psst, Taylor. You dodged a bullet, girl!)

Do you think Harry Styles should have brought Kendall to a TGI Fridays instead?


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