Kristen Stewart's Sudden Trip Is a Bad Sign for Her Relationship With Rob

Kristen StewartSigh. Ok, so now I'm totally confused. Amid reports that Robert Pattinson invited her to London for the holidays, Kristen Stewart was spotted jetting out of L.A. yesterday -- but she's supposedly NOT headed across the pond. So where exactly is she off to? We have no idea. The possibilities are truly endless, people.

And I guess we really shouldn't be all that shocked that the status of Robsten's relationship/reunion (or whatever) seems to change on a daily basis -- but we probably have to assume it's not a good sign if they aren't spending Christmas together. (But maybe they are. Again, it varies almost from hour to hour.)


But honestly -- can you really blame KStew for wanting to get the hell outta Dodge? (Ok, Los Feliz.) Let's just go ahead and assume that she and Rob will not be cozied up in London anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival during the wee hours of December 25. If that's the case, the last thing she needs is to be stuck back at home in Cali with photographers camped outside of her front door waiting to snap a shot of her "alone and heartbroken."

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Remember how they caught Kristen spending Thanksgiving with friends instead of Rob? That definitely made a red flag go up about their relationship -- so can you imagine what will happen if she's spotted all by her lonesome self on Christmas?

If she knows what's good for her, she's on her way to a tropical locale -- or even a place out in the woods in the middle of nowhere (like the Cullen's house). She deserves to have a merry Christmas just as much as the rest of us, whether she spends it with Rob or not. And that simply isn't going to happen back in L.A. -- especially if he's nowhere in sight.

Where do you think Kristen jetted off to?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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