'Friday Night Lights' Movie May Never See the Light -- Cue Hysterical Sobbing

Friday Night LightsFor those of us who loved Friday Night Lights, we all know there is no one -- NO ONE -- like Coach Eric Taylor and his charming wife Tami. I discovered the show last year and spent about five weeks on an absolute binge of all five seasons of the amazing show some would say was the best ever to air on television.

When the show ended in 2011, many were devastated, but the promise of a movie (based on a show ... based on the Billy Bob Thornton movie ... based on the 1990 book) at least helped cushion the blow. But now, executive producer Peter Berg says it's not happening. I feel like crying.

There are so many reasons to love Friday Night Lights and every single character that made Dillon, Texas seem like a real place. There was Buddy Garrity, the car salesman philanderer who lost his family, but never his love of steaks and football.


There was Lyla Garrity, the beautiful daughter whose world fell apart when her boyfriend, quarterback Jason Street, was paralyzed in the first game of Coach Eric Taylor's first season.

There has never been a show that is more true to life, more absorbing, or showed a more real marriage than Tami and Eric's. Their love and support is an inspiration for real marriages everywhere. SO WHY NO MOVIE?!

It sounds like some of the actors were on board while others were less so. It does seem more than a little strange to make a show based on a movie and then spin it back into a movie, but the reality is the show had a totally different feel than the movie. It was its own beast entirely, and I want to see it on the big screen, dammit.

Maybe they are scared because of the debacle that was the second Sex and the City movie (don't ask), but I would beg them to reconsider. I can't live without seeing the Taylors one more time. I need one more trip to Dillon, Texas where I can lose myself and pretend like I, too, could be a high school football star and appreciate living in a small town in Texas where the main thing on everyone's minds is a game I actually hate.

RECONSIDER, PEOPLE!! Clear eyes, full hearts ...

Does this news surprise you? Were you a fan of the show?


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