Jennifer Aniston 'Awkward Phase' Claims Completely Shatter Our Friendship Dreams

Does anyone remember a time when Jennifer Aniston seemed just like us? Okay, maybe not just like us -- I mean, that hair has always defied all rules of nature. Still, back in the Friends days, you could actually picture yourself hanging out with her and chatting over a big mug of coffee. 

Sigh, that was a long time ago. Nowadays, she hosts tree-trimming parties where Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. feast on three types of chili and talk about lord-knows-what -- Pilates, I'm guessing. And although she's turning 45 next year and has a really healthy attitude about her age, the years that she says were her most "awkward" make me question whether the woman has ever had a pimple, morning-after regret, or credit card debt in her entire life. 


Maybe you recall a time when Jen was in her 30s, as gorgeous as she is now, and positively glowed in every photo in which she stood beside her then-husband Brad Pitt? Yeah, that was her "awkward phase," folks. In an interview with Parade, Jen said her 20s were just fine but that she doesn't miss her 30s at all. 

While it's refreshing to hear of an actress who is embracing her age and not wishing to turn the clock back around, I can't help but wonder if she's ever had to bounce from apartment to apartment when she was younger, date a series of horribly embarrassing men who call themselves "artists," eat ramen noodles every night, or use her credit card to pay for everything. Has she never worn overalls with one strap down? That's awkward!

I get that Jen wouldn't count being dropped for Angelina Jolie as a high point in her life, but I wonder if she feels like she gained or learned anything essential from her time with Brad? We can usually look back and find at least one thing we valued about our years with an ex, even if the relationship ultimately proved a dismal failure. I hate to say it, but it sounds like Jen still has hard feelings about the whole Brad/Angelina ordeal, all these years later. 

What do you think of Jen's "awkward phase"? Do you think she's still angry at Brad? 


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