Robert Pattinson Used Oldest Trick in the Book to Call Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart robert pattinsonRemember that time you were in high school and you still had feelings for your ex, so you made up some dumb excuse to call him, like, "Did you just call me?" or "Do you have my scrunchie?" Yeah, well, Robert Pattinson totally just did that to Kristen Stewart. Except these are celebs we're dealing with, so his "excuse" was a little more fancy than the classic scruchie trick, which, if you ask me, would have worked just as well.

According to reports, Rob recently felt compelled to phone up Her Royal Stewness to congratulate her on her movie, Camp X-Ray, making it into the Sundance Film Festival. And then one thing led to another, and now Rob and Kristen are spending Christmas together in London, eating figgy puddy with the Duke and Duchess.


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Just kidding about that last part, but apparently the chat between Rob and Kristen went so well that "by the end of the conversation, Rob invited her to come see him in London [for the holidays]." Sources say that Kristen isn't "100% sure she's going to take him up on it [ed. note: yeah right], but she was just so happy." All this from the scrunchie trick!

Who the hell knows what's actually going on between Rob and Kristen, because sweet Georgia peaches, there's a new report every second, claiming something new about these two. However. It does sound like there's something going on, at the very least. And if I were a betting woman, I bet this Christmas Rob will give Kristen his heart. And the very next day, she'll take it away. Let's all just hope he doesn't attempt to save himself some tears by giving it to someone special. (Special.)

In other news, Rob and Kristen ought to consider finding some new friends. It seems like a lot of personal information is always leaking out about them. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like it, and you like it, too, since you're reading this. But sheesh, can't a guy call a girl to "congratulate her on her movie" in peace?

Do you want Rob and Kristen to spend Christmas together?


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