Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding Invitations Put Guests in Awkward Spot

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

If you thought their save-the-date cards were cute -- wait until you get a load of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's wedding invitations! OMG. They're totally "them" in every possible way.

The front of the invite reads: "The LOWEdown: marrying, eating, boogie-ing," and then the inside says: "Together with their families, Sean Thomas Lowe will marry his best friend, Catherine Ligaya Mejia Giudici, who completely adores him."

Um, ridiculously adorable, right?

(I wanna go. Stop reminding me that I'm not invited. I'm in denial.)


But while the invites themselves have Sean and Catherine written all over them -- it's the RSVP cards that really steal the show. Instead of having two spaces for guests to check off whether or not they're planning on attending, the cards give two quirkier options:

"Can't wait" and/or "Have something more important to attend than celebrating the union of Sean & Catherine."

OMG. Who in the heck would be bold enough to check response number two?!?

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Sean and Catherine have basically made it impossible for guests to say no to attending this wedding -- because anyone who does decline is going to look like a total egghead. Would you want to explain to them what, exactly, is so freakin' important that it trumps helping them celebrate on their special day? I sure wouldn't want to go there.

Yeah, yeah -- I know the invite is all in good fun, but still. It's kind of true, right? If you can't attend someone's wedding, you'd better have a pretty darn good excuse. Especially when it's a wedding as big as Sean and Catherine's that's being broadcast live on television and all. Honestly, if they get any "no" RSVPs -- it'll be the shock of the century. Who wouldn't want to attend?!?

What do you think of Sean and Catherine's invitations? Funny ... or too sarcastic?


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