10 Ways the ‘Game of Thrones’ Video Game May Be Better Than the Show (VIDEO)

game of thronesThere is one thing Game of Thrones fans are pretty damn good at: waiting. Waiting for George R. R. Martin to publish more books. Waiting for season 4 to premiere on HBO. And now ... waiting for the video game to come out! That's right, a Game of Thrones video game is currently in the works, brought to you by the creators of The Walking Dead video game, Telltale. I for one can't wait to see what they come up with!

Fantasy novel? Video games? Things that stir the inner workings of the soul of every nerd out there. But let's just hope that this version is better than the previous video games that were adapted from the series.

Of course, details are pretty scant. It will be an episodic series and should start up in 2014. But here are some things that we're desperately hoping for (okay, probably just me, but go with it):


1.) Players get to make decisions, both good and bad, just like they are able to do on The Walking Dead game, which will affect the episode and let you essentially create your own fantasy world within this fantasy world.

2.) You get to be Tyrion Lannister and win everything.

3.) Hodor makes a cameo and keeps yelling out, "Hodor!" until you can't take it anymore and have to run away screaming.

4.) Detailed, expansive, sweeping views of all of Westeros. If the creators get the look right and players get to delve into these gorgeous lands, then the game could be well worth the cost.

5.) The option to have Daenerys Targaryen march straight up to King Joffrey and have Drogon blast a crap ton of fire into the young brat's face.

6.) Some option to turn into Jaime Lannister and/or Brienne of Tarth and be able to put a stop to the Red Wedding. Can you imagine the Red Wedding in video game form?

7.) The ability to "control" a drunken Tyrion. Or at least an Easter Egg where you can play a drinking game with him.

8.) To be able to play from the POV of the three-eyed raven or any one of the direwolves.

9.) The creators say there will be some battle scenes. It'd be a lot of fun to swing a sword or shoot with a bow and arrow. Perhaps fighting off a huge ass bear would be one of the missions as well? And of course the Battle of the Blackwater ... "There are brave men knocking on our door -- let's go kill them!"

10.) Somehow, some way to reunite Ned, Catelyn, and all the Stark children once more and for Dany, Tyrion, and Jon Snow to rule Westeros together. Because isn't that what we all really want?

Okay, so none of the things on this list will probably come true, but we can still look forward to a character- and plot-driven game that should hopefully help any Game of Thrones fans through these torturous off-seasons. Here is the trailer for the game that gives absolutely nothing away but at least you get to hear the show's theme one more time:

Thanks for nothing, Telltale!

Ah well, winter is coming to your PS4 or Xbox One, and let's just hope it doesn't suck.

Would you play a Game of Thrones video game? Have you played The Walking Dead game?


Image via HBO

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