Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Can't Agree on Baby North's 1st Christmas

kim kardashian kanye west bathroom selfieFiguring out how you're going to split your time among relatives around the holidays is rough enough. But when you're Kim Kardashian, engaged to a control freak Kanye West, it must be a lot harder. Hence why I'm not all that surprised that rumors are flying about the Kimye's conflict over Christmas plans. Apparently, Kanye wants to be alone with Kim and baby North in NYC, while Kim was under the assumption that they would celebrate in L.A. with Kris Jenner & Co.

A source (who used suspiciously E.L. James-ian, British slang) explained to Heat magazine, “It’s causing a lot of rows. ... She’s really trying to dig her heels in after Kris, Kourtney and Khloe begged her to reason with Kanye, but he’s insisting it’s time for them to make their own traditions with North."


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The insider continues, "Kim’s told him how much it would mean to her to spend North’s first Christmas with her family. She has also explained how she would love to have their daughter at the family home and to continue the Christmas traditions that Kim has cherished all of her life." Aww, you kinda can't begrudge her that, right?

But apparently, Kanye's being stubborn (what's new?) and "hasn't made up his mind" yet. Making matters worse, he's supposedly still feeling burned over the Kardashian crew's critical reaction to the "Bound 2" video. “Kanye thinks everything he does is the work of a genius and will hear no criticism, and if anyone dares to offer an opinion he reacts badly,” said the source. HA. Now THAT I totally believe! 

Either way, sounds like Kim might be getting desperate to get 'Ye to commit to a west coast X-Mas. She's reportedly "trying to tell Kanye that it’s just a day. They can have the private jet waiting, then head to New York the next day." Wow, sounds a bit extreme -- and sad, huh? She shouldn't have to barter and beg to be with her family on Christmas. Sure, I get Kanye's point about starting their own traditions with North, but this is only her first Christmas ... There's plenty of time to craft their own holiday traditions. For that reason alone, this is one battle I'm really hoping Kanye's going to lose!

Do you agree Kim and Kanye should be with her family on Christmas -- or does he have a point about starting new traditions on their own with North?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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