Rebecca Black Releases 'Saturday' Sequel to Worst Song Ever 'Friday' (VIDEO)

rebecca black saturday music videoFYI: Today is Sunday, yesterday was Saturday, which has a whole new meaning thanks to Rebecca Black's comeback. Yes, the Internet "hate-sensation" known for her notorious 2011 viral "hit" "Friday" is baaaack with a new music video for "Saturday," in which she and her buddy, fellow "YouTube entertainer" Dave Days gush in all their auto-tuned glory, "I don't want this Saturday to end." Agh.

Believe it or not, "Saturday" looks like it's primed to go as ridiculously viral as "Friday," given that just one day after going up on YouTube, it already has 3,477,715 views. Eesh. Now, I dare you to see it for yourself ...


Well, I'll give her one thing: The song and the vid are actually much more tolerable than her cringe-worthy debut! Even if she basically recreated the same music video house party thrown by countless pop stars, such as Lady Gaga in "Just Dance" and Miley Cyrus in "We Can't Stop" (or is that twerking girl in her white undies meant as a a tribute to Miley? Hmmmm ...). Looks like she may have had some vocal training in the past two years. Good for her!

Best of all, though, it looks like she's able to laugh at herself. (Though we kinda knew that she was able to do that, after seeing her make a cute cameo in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" video, remember?) And at this point, I'd say we're more laughing with her than at her. But should she dare release "Sunday," that'll be a whole different story ...!

What are your thoughts on Rebecca Black's latest ode to the weekend?

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