Kate Middleton's Visit With Sick Kids Reveals Her Secret Mom Skills (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton with frog puppetThe same week she was spied wearing a tiara and hitting the red carpet for a movie premiere in full-on, regal mode, Kate Middleton tended to a far less glam but even more heartwarming duty yesterday: Visiting gravely sick children and their parents at the Shooting Star House Children's Hospice. And in her effort to spread early Christmas cheer, the Duchess didn't rely on shaking hands and kissing babies alone ...

Kate also got involved with a music class, art therapy session, and also stole little ones' hearts by entertaining them with a frog puppet! Ha! Who knew the new mom had such awesome puppeteering skills?! 


Though some of the kids were reportedly shy at first, Kate's "frog princess act" and warm conversations with the patients and their parents won them over. An onlooker told Us Weekly that the Duchess seemed "so at ease with the kids. They really lit up being around her."

For instance, 5-year-old named Demi-Leigh -- who is recovering from a kidney transplant operation after contracting a rare condition, HUS, that attacked her vital organs -- gave the Duchess roses, a leg hug, and the pair exchanged a thumbs-up. Cute!

On a heart-rending note, Kate also made a point to sit and comfort the parents of a 1-year-old girl who died on Tuesday at the facility and who tragically also lost their 5-year-old son from the same condition, spinal muscular atrophy, six weeks ago.

Louise Wilks, mom to sons Shaney and Chesney, explained how much she appreciated the Duchess's visit:

Kate was so sweet, absolutely lovely and she really puts you at ease because obviously you are a little tense to meet someone so important. She was down to earth but had a real aura about her.

Aww! Kensington Palace later explained that the Duchess spent time at Shooting Star House as part of her campaign to encourage volunteerism in children's hospitals, but from the looks of it, she managed to go well above and beyond her initial mission.

Check out some footage of Kate at Shooting Star House here ...



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