Taylor Swift Steals Grammy Nominations Show by Doing Her Best Miley Impression

taylor swift grammy nominationsThe stars came out for the announcement of nominations for the 56th annual Grammy Awards, putting on a concert worth clucking about today. And while the event featured notable performances from stars like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Taylor Swift is being given the honor of having stolen the show with a.) being nominated for best album of the year and best country album, among other accolades and b.) giving a sultry performance of "I Knew You Were Trouble" in Australia via satellite. A performance that's being called "her most risqué antic yet!"

Granted, she jumped the gun by profusely thanking the Recording Academy for all her nominations in a pretaped segment before any of her nominations were actually announced, and the performance was one she's done a whole slew of times before on her Red tour, but no matter! She was still the belle of the ball!


Taylor kicked off her jaw-dropping appearance by singing "Red" then cut to "I Knew You Were Trouble," performing in a church-y setting in a flowing white dress while a masquerade ball of dancers surrounded her. Her backup dancers then ripped off her dress, revealing a black jumpsuit of Daisy Duke proportions that she then grinded and shimmied around in. The crowd went wild. (And they say she's nothing like Miley, psssh!)

What a way to slam ex Harry Styles publicly for the 524th time, huh? Plus, guess there's no better revenge than being on top of the world!

What did you think about Taylor's performance last night?


Image via The Recording Academy/CBS

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