Alexander Skarsgard Risks His Life in South Pole for Sweetest Reason (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardHey, True Blood fans! (Or Truebies, or whatever you want to call yourselves.) It's time to play everybody's favorite game, "Where in the World Is Alexander Skarsgard?" (Hopefully you just read that to the tune of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? If not, please go back and re-read.) Okay, so, anyway, this isn't going to be much of a game, actually, cause I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you where he is: The South Pole. THE SOUTH FRICKEN' POLE!! Or he's on his way there, at least. Technically he's in Anarctica at the moment. What is he doing there, you ask? Sitting naked in a patio chair reading a book, about to burst into flame, you hope? Nope. He's trekking across the frozen tundra with Prince Harry and The Wire's Dominic West

And now you're really confused.


Can't say I blame you! Here's the deal: There's a big thing going on right now called "Walk for the Wounded," a "U.K. charity that helps retrain and reeducate wounded servicemen and women to help them find long term employment after they have left the Armed Forces." Prince Harry is on the British team, obviously; Alexander Skarsgard is on Team USA, and West is on the Canadian/Australian team. For two weeks, those guys will be racing alongside wounded warriors as far as 13 miles a day in crazy below freezing temperatures -- all to raise money for a worthy cause!!

Nothin' like hot guys doing good!!

Especially when one of them is ASkars!! Check out this video -- you won't see too much of Skarsgard, unfortunately, cause the dude is seriously bundled up -- but you'll get an idea of how insane an experience our favorite Swedish vamp is having:

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Nuts, right?? But still ... awwww.

Are you surprised that Alexander Skarsgard is going on this crazy trek to the South Pole?

Image via TODAY

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