Robert Pattinson's Latest Hot Blond 'Date' Is No Threat to Kristen

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson has certainly been getting around lately. First, we heard all about how he got photobombed at a party by a small packet of flour (or maybe cocaine). Then he made out with a pretty model in his new Dior Homme commercial. Kristen must be pulling her hair out. Or, you know, just looking kinda grumpy. But finally she can view pictures of Rob with another woman and feel ... okay about it! Yeah, this isn't another Katy Perry thing. Rob was photographed attending a party with a very hot, very blond, very famous young actress. But Kristen (or Dylan Penn, or whoever) shouldn't be worried about this one.


Rob joined his best friend, actor Tom Sturridge, at his early birthday party in London. And he was spotting hanging out with a very lovely blond actress who used to be engaged to Jude Law.

But it's all on the up and up, my friends. The actress is Sienna Miller, and she is engaged to Tom. In fact, they have a baby together. So Kristen can relax.

The three of them enjoyed a raucous night out in Notting Hill -- and hopefully no white powder was going around.

I wonder what it's like for Rob, being around a committed couple? You know when you've had a bad breakup, and then you're hanging out with your smug married friends, and you feel kind of like a third wheel? And then you start thinking, maybe you should have tried harder to make your relationship work?

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Or maybe the couple seem so in sync with each other that you realize you made the right decision to break off your relationship so you can find one that is more like the happy couple you're with?

Or maybe Rob wasn't thinking any of that, and he just got drunk and wondered where the hell he was.

Do you think Rob hanging out with Sienna and Tom will make him miss Kristen? Am I stretching?

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