Kate Middleton's New Baby Stroller Was Worth Every Cent

silver cross
Not exactly the same pram
Well look who was out and about the other day! Kate Middleton took Prince George out for a stroll through Kensington Gardens in their fab pram -- which just happens to be a navy blue $2,350 Silver Cross carriage. There she was, in sneakers, jeans, and a casual jacket, with her dog Lupo, looking just like any other mom we might know. Except, of course, just a wee bit more stylish, and there is that small matter of having the future King of England in that stroller!

Anyway, you can check out the action via PopSugar's photos of Kate Middleton and Prince George. They will make you swoon -- Kate shuffling through the autumn leaves with her little one. So sweet! And that really is a carriage fit for a prince.


Some may say it's far too spendy -- and for most of us it would be. But Kate and Will just want the best for their baby. So if they happen to be able to afford this pram, why not? It would be silly of them to get something cheaper, really. A high-quality carriage can make for a smoother ride for baby, and it's just right for naps. That hood and cover give George extra warmth and protection -- and privacy.

We love that it's Kate walking her baby through the park and not someone else. That's so like her to be so hands on. The photos don't show the security who are probably following her around -- I think it's probably hard for her to ever have a private moment outdoors. But Kensington is practically her backyard, and it's beautiful. She's smart to take advantage of it now, before the chill of winter sets in.

Do you think Kate will take George out for walks in the pram later in the winter, during colder weather?


Image via Silver Cross/Facebook

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