Kate Middleton Recycles Gown & Looks Even Better Second Time Around (PHOTO)

prince william kate middleton royal film performanceKate Middleton and Prince William's big date night to the Royal Film Performance came and went last night, and lucky for us, it offered a glimpse at the Duchess in another drop-dead gorgeous style! Although, it may look ever-so-slightly familiar, at least to the most loyal of royal watchers ...

Kate looked positively glam in her fitted, cream-colored Roland Mouret "Lombard" gown with a slit up the skirt. If you recall, the Duchess wore the '09 style in May 2012 to a Thirty Club dinner, so yup, it was fully recycled! Hey, even borderline vintage! Kidding. But this time around, she styled the dress in a whole different way ...


With a black clutch, black heels, and a crazy affordable, blingtastic "Sparkly Crystal Bead" statement necklace from Zara! So cheap -- just under $36! Hence why it sold out within minutes of the first photos from the event being released. And her newly darkened tresses were pulled back into a low, relaxed ponytail, tied with a demure, feminine ribbon.

I have to say ... she looks even better in the dress this time around than she did the first. I'm loving the black accessories against the cream vs. the silver shoes and clutch she did before. The look also feels like a bold departure from some of the quieter styles she's been rocking lately. There's no mistaking her as regal in this gown, but it's also so current! Something about it even feels a bit like a 21st century update on '60s mod to me, actually.

At any rate, to say she looked stunning doesn't even begin to cut it! I wouldn't blame anyone for trying to imitate this latest red carpet style (sold-out Zara necklace be damned!).

How do you feel about this latest look on Kate?

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