Keri Russell & Shane Deary Separate After 6 Years of Marriage

Keri Russell and Shane DearyJust on the heels of last night's big break-in at Keri Russell's home, the former Felicity star has announced that she and husband Shane Dreary have separated. Keri's rep tells People that the couple has been separated since early summer and that the separation is amicable with the focus on their children. Russell and Dreary have two children together, River, 6, and Willa, 23 months.

I'll be honest. I was wondering about this when I realized that Keri was home alone in Brooklyn when the burglar came without her kids or husband. Guess her team realized some people may be wondering why and that it was time to come clean.


To be blunt, it sucks. It sucks that when a famous couple is going through some stuff, they feel like they have to tell the world about their marital problems. Keri has been actively filming the second seasons of The Americans, consuming herself with all that entails. And now, despite dealing with the aftermath of this burglary, she has to deal with the emotional impact telling the world that she's having marital problems.

At least it seems like the couple has their priorities straight. The fact that we haven't heard much about it 'til now means that they've been trying to go about business as normal. For their kids' sake, at least, that's the best thing they can do.

Are you surprised to hear about Keri and Shane's separation? Do you think celebrities should have to tell the public what's going on in their personal lives?


Image via Splash News

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