Robert Pattinson's 10 Sexiest Looks From His Incredibly Hot Dior Ad (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Dec 5, 2013 Celebrities

Robert PattinsonOhhh, yikes, Kristen, cover your eyes! Look away, girlfriend! Unless, that is, you and Robert Pattinson are back together, and then feast, girl, feast! Rob has come out with a new Dior commercial, and he's looking fiiiiine. I'm not a huge Rob fan, but even I agree he looks scrumptious in this new video. I'm thinking E.L. James might have been right, wanting him for the role of Christian Grey. He looks pretty fierce making out with model Camille Rowe. Well, whoever Rob is dating might not be happy -- but maybe she will? Here are Rob's 10 sexiest looks from Dior Homme.

Images via DiorHomme/YouTube

  • Sittin' Pretty


    Dior Homme

    Here's Rob just chillin' on a rooftop, waiting for his lady. All cool guys do that. No waiting in the driveway for Rob!

  • Getting Clean


    Dior Homme

    This is Rob in a bathtub. With his clothes on. Hey, he's Rob. He can do whatever he likes.

  • I See You


    Dior Homme

    Rob eyeing some chick from behind a sparkly curtain. Vampires have sparkly curtains.

  • It's Gettin' Hot in Herre


    Dior Homme

    Rob is looking like a red-blooded heterosexual here with this lucky model. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Look at Me, Woman!


    Dior Homme

    Oh my gawdness, what is he doing to this poor woman? Do it to me, too!

  • So Hot He Needs to Wear Shades


    Dior Homme

    I think he's back on the roof. Maybe he's a contractor? A very well-dressed one? Come fix my roof, Rob!

  • Beach Love


    Dior Homme

    Rob's girl is so exhausted from climbing the roof to meet Rob that he has to carry her down the beach.

  • Yowsa!


    Dior Homme

    I wonder how many times they had to do this scene?

  • In Color!


    Dior Homme

    Quick change of clothes and Rob's back on the roof looking all hot and angsty. I'm totally buying this cologne. For myself.

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