Benedict Cumberbatch Dramatically Reads R. Kelly Lyrics, Internet Swoons With Lust (VIDEO)

Benedict CumberbatchHey. Hey you. You, sitting there reading this website. What kind of day are you having? Is it literally the most awesome day you've ever had in your ENTIRE LIFE? If not, there's clearly room for improvement, and I've got that in the form of a Jimmy Kimmel clip. Not just any Jimmy Kimmel clip, mind you. I'm not going to imply that I have the power to put more awesome in your day then share one of those Halloween candy prank videos. (Although those are in fact awesome.) What I've got for you today is a video of Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominee, Sherlock and Star Trek star, and all around Internet Heartthrob, Benedict Cumberbatch.

To be even more specific, it's Benedict Cumberbatch doing a dramatic reading of R. Kelly's lyrics to "Genius," from his forthcoming album Black Panties. It includes Cumberbatch delivering this amazing line: "Go to sleep, and when we wake up, I’ll hit that thing again."

See? Your day: awesomer.


Both Cumberbatch and R&B singer R. Kelly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Wednesday, and Kimmel announced ahead of time that he'd come up with a way to bring together his "eclectic mix of guests." The camera panned to Cumberbatch sitting alone a stool, dramatically illuminated by a single spotlight with Kelly's oh-so-classy album artwork in the background.

Then, the magic happened:

Well! I don't know about you, but I am feeling a little ... toasty. In my pants. Which is weird because it's like 15 degrees outside. But yes: toasty. Because even an R. Kelly song sounds like a goddamned sensual masterpiece when it's been Cumberbatched.

Are you also a fan of Benzedrine Crumpleflat ... Benetton Cumbysnatch ... Bentletoot Crumbsafat -- UGH, this hot British actor?

Image via Jimmy Kimmel

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