Rob Kardashian Can Thank Khloe for Blasting His Weight Loss Haters

Khloe and Rob KardashianIt's no secret that Rob Kardashian has been trying to lose weight for quite some time now. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admitted back in February that he gained 40 pounds because of the stress involved with his relationship with Rita Ora. Back in May, Rob revealed he skipped out on alcohol during a Las Vegas vacation in an attempt to stay on the weight loss track. It seems to me that for all of 2013, Rob's been trying to shed pounds. The results, though, they aren't that apparent.

Well leave it up to big sister Khloe to say somethin' to all those people who have their own opinions on Rob's weight loss. Khloe defended Rob, saying all people lose weight differently:


People give, especially guys, such a hard time to lose weight, because people expect men to lose weight so much faster. But losing weight in general is so hard and it takes a lot of time and determination. It doesn't happen in one day.

AMEN, sister. There is nothing typical when it comes to weight loss. Especially in the age where Kim Zolciak is back down to a size 4 just DAYS after giving birth, there's no doubting every individual's body is totally different. 

Plus, I'm sure it's frustrating for Rob that shedding the pounds is taking so long. But here's the thing: Rob doesn't want to go to extreme measures to trim down that he can't maintain. Sure, cutting out carbs and going Atkins like his sister Kim did -- that may work for her. But if Rob doesn't think he can maintain that kind of diet, then it's better for him to be smart about his weight loss tools. The last thing he wants is to lose the weight and put it all back on, right?

Do you think people are being harsh on Rob? Whom do you talk to when you're struggling with your body image?


Image via KhloeKardashian/Instagram

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