Amanda Bynes' Post-Rehab Career Plans Are the Last Thing We Expected

Amanda BynesGuess who's baaack? Amanda Bynes has officially been released from rehab and feeling better than ever. Just in time for the holidays, too. It's a Christmas miracle!

Not only am I so happy to hear she's back on her feet, I can't wait to see what she does next in her career. Will she go back to acting? Release that rap album?

Unfortunately, no. Apparently, Amanda's dreams are much different than they once were -- and her latest move proves just how serious she is about it.


According to Amanda's mother's lawyer, the Nickelodeon star plans to go to college to major in fashion design. COLLEGE! How many celebrities do you know actually went to college? (Calm down, I know there are some who did -- but let's be honest, the majority? No.)

I find this incredibly admirable since Amanda is already famous. She doesn't need a degree in fashion to release a successful fashion line. She can easily let real designers design the clothes and then simply just approve or deny. I mean, how many episodes of The Kardashians do we see those girls in "design meetings" -- they're all like, I like this fringey top, but I think we should change the color from off-white to creamy vanilla white -- and then their little worker bees go and do the actual work for them.

Clearly, that's not what Amanda wants. The fact that she's looking at schools proves she actually cares about learning all there is to know about design -- and how amazing is that? It sounds like she's really turning her life around and I applaud her for that.

Welcome home, Amanda!

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Are you surprised to hear Amanda wants to go to college?


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