Britney Spears' Horrible Old 'Friend' Tweets Super Private Texts From Singer

britney spearsRemember that crazy creepy "friend" of Britney Spears, Sam Lufti? The one who was such a good "friend," the singer got a restraining order against him in 2008? Well, he's baaaack ... and he's crazier and creepier than ever! It all started earlier this week when a "fan" apparently tweeted Lufti asking when he thought Spears' father Jamie would be releasing the pop star from conservatorship. Instead of simply answering, "I don't know, it's really none of my business" or even "Gee, her dad's kind of an ass, so it's anybody's guess," Lufti replied by tweeting old texts -- very private, very emotionally charged old texts -- from Britney herself.


Such a class act, this dude! Lufti subsequently tried defending himself from horrified Twitter-ers, saying he won't stop talking about Brit until the "truth is out" and he "gets his life back" -- but it's clear that Spears & Co. were on the right track with that restraining order. Because it's just not possible that anyone who would make these very, very sad texts from an "old friend" public ever had that person's best interests at heart (warning -- you will get really depressed after reading these excerpts):

My mom and dad are soo mean. They don't care about me, they just want my money and my babies. They stole my voice and scarred me for life. I will never forgive them. They stole my phone so we are goin to get in trouble I hate my life ...

Cuz my dad will send me away again he's soo mean I can't believe they hurt me like this seriously I don't believe in anything but I do know my heart feels better when I talk to u my dads reading everything right now that I text and everybodys really scares me I miss my babies and I'm really still scared I'm never gonna see my babies again

I hate my life ivr become a nobody all they care about is $$$$ they make up lies about you to all these f**king shady lawyers Jasons only person I can talk to but he likes me and I don't feel the same but he's good with my babies I'm sad so sad Lost very lost

Jeez, poor Britney!! No wonder the girl went nuts for a little while there. Between these texts, Miley Cyrus's ongoing meltdown, and that Jonas brother's recent revelations about growing up Disney (was it Joe? I can't keep those people straight), it's becoming apparent that pop stardom ain't all it's cracked up to be. 

Do you think it was wrong for Sam Lufti to tweet Britney Spears' private texts?


Image via EuPaparazzi/Flickr

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