Chris Brown Slapped With $3 Million Lawsuit That May Be More Effective Than Rehab

chris brownLooks like Chris Brown may be seeing the inside of a courtroom again soon. It seems the fallout from that wild brawl he had in a parking lot with singer Frank Ocean earlier this year is still continuing. This time, Brown is being sued by Ocean's cousin Sha'Keir Duarte who says the singer's bodyguards brutalized him. And the list of damages he wants from the singer is lengthy -- and costly.


According to court documents, he wants $1 million for pain, suffering, and inconvenience, $1 million for emotional distress, another $1 million for punitive damages, and $60,000 for medical expenses. The grand total: $3,060,000.

Brown has since countersued, claiming that Duarte started the fight by pushing, kicking, punching, and threatening to kill him. But in the court of pubic opinion, the singer's rep works against him. We have had a front row seat to his many violent and scary outbursts. The first, and most memorable, being his attack on girlfriend Rihanna a few years ago. That landed him in heavy legal trouble and did permanent damage to his image. Since then, he hasn't cleaned up his act. He busted a window at GMA after being asked a question he didn't like, he's fought with rapper Drake, and he's gotten into altercations with fans.

All of his crazy antics have left us scratching our heads. When he first landed in hot water, I thought that he's just a kid. If he gets help and changes his behavior, we shouldn't condemn him for one mistake. But he has yet to institute any meaningful change. In fact, he seems to have grown more cocky, more brash, more unlikable.

Honestly, he's had many second chances. Jail time didn’t teach him a lesson. Clearly rehab and anger management didn’t work either. Even the hate of half the world hasn't gotten him to curb his bad boy antics. Maybe this will. The threat of losing all his cash could finally get this guy to act like a rational, law-abiding human being!

Do you think Chris Brown should be sued for his behavior? Will this teach him anything?

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