Nigella Lawson Details Drug Use & Physical Abuse in Shocking Testimony

Nigella LawsonNigella Lawson can't stop being in the news since that horrible incident where she was photographed being choked by her husband, whom she then divorced. Now two former assistants are on trial for stealing money from Nigella's ex, Charles Saatchi, but they claim there was an "arrangement" between them and Nigella that they could run up Charles's credit cards as long as they stayed quiet about Nigella's drug usage. Nigella is finally answering those drug usage charges -- and admits she was a recreational drug user. But she puts the blame pretty much square on -- Charles Saatchi!


Nigella admits she used cocaine and marijuana a handful of times over the years. She reportedly said during the trial that she used cocaine with her first husband, John Diamond, who had terminal cancer. At the time, Nigella was taking care of him, and if he wanted to do cocaine to ease his misery, she certainly wasn't going to stop him. She even joined him.

She then said she hadn't done cocaine after that, except "twice" during her marriage to Charles Saatchi, but says it was because she was so miserable and was being subjected to "intimate terrorism." She also confessed to smoking pot sometimes -- because of her "intolerable" relationship -- but insists she was never a habitual user.

As soon as the choking incident hit the tabloids and Saatchi's reputation took a dive, Nigella claims he began telling people in their circle that he wasn't choking her, but rather trying to get cocaine out of her nose. There were pics of him tweaking her nose, but even so, how does that explain those awful photos of him grabbing her neck?!

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Nigella, for her part, says that the fight started when she spotted a baby in a carriage and remarked that she "was so looking forward to having grandchildren." She then claims that Charles grabbed her and said, "I'm the only person you should be concerned with."

She then says that Saatchi threatened to "ruin" her if she didn't clear his name after the choking incident.

That would have been impossible. Those photos spoke for themselves. Any word from Nigella would have looked like she was apologizing for her abuser.

Anyway, it sounds like these two still love each other -- Nigella called her ex "brilliant but brutal" and Charles says that he still "adores" her -- but man oh man, people, not everyone is meant to live together. Glad these two have figured that out before things got even worse!

Whose story do you believe?

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