Orlando Bloom & Liv Tyler Are a Match Made in Hobbit Heaven

Liv Tyler Orlando BloomSo remember when Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr broke up (I should hope so! If not, you might have short-term memory issues) and it was really sad (aww, that cute baby!)? Well, it's not so sad anymore. Why? Well, Kerr's got her rumored billionaire boyfriend, so she's probably doing pretty okay -- and now Bloom's got his own rumored thang going on ... and it's so much BETTER than some boring billionaire dude ... it's LIV TYLER!!! 

Apparently the "old friends" recently attended the opening night of Broadway’s Waiting for Godot and "got cozy" backstage -- THEN got cozier, presumably, at the after-party: “When they got behind closed doors, they were playfully tickling, gazing into each other’s eyes, and holding hands,” said a source.

People, this is so amazing on so many levels. 


First of all, I'm happy to see Liv Tyler making headlines again, for whatever reason, just cause she's awesome and we haven't heard nearly enough from her in awhile. Plus, if Tyler and Bloom get together, it'll totally be like an amazing alternative ending to The Lord of the Rings!! (Not that Viggo Mortensen is anything to sniff at, but still. Legolas and Arwen? Perfect!)

Interesting sidenote: The above pic was taken in 2003, at the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingThose two were looking pretty, pretty, pretty snuggly, weren't they?? Makes me wonder how long this romance was brewing. Maybe the pair had a casual hook-up or two while filming the trilogy, but then life got in the way ... and now, finally, all these years later: BAM! Back together. YAY! 

Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but I have high hopes for these two.

Do you think Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom make a good couple?

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