Kate Middleton Is Every Bit the Princess in Stunning Jeweled Tiara (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton

She's so down-to-earth and likeable that sometimes it's easy to forget she's royalty -- but Kate Middleton's beautiful tiara is the only reminder we need that she is, indeed, a princess.

This photo of her was snapped while she and Prince William were on their way to a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen. It's the first time she's been seen wearing a tiara since her wedding -- but man, does it suit her or what?

And duh, of course there are a few fun details about the headpiece -- which is most definitely the real deal.


Supposedly it's yet another loaner from Queen Elizabeth II, and it's referred to as the "Papyrus Tiara." It's accented with diamonds and pearls -- so you can only imagine how much this thing is worth. (Not exactly a knock-off from a mall kiosk.)

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And while it really doesn't matter what Kate does or does not wear on her head since she always looks gorgeous -- I'm really digging this tiara on her. I know she was required to wear it for this particular occasion and all -- but why doesn't she sport them a little more often? I mean, wouldn't you be all over the royal tiara collection if you were part of that fam? Heck, I'd probably wear them around Kensington Palace just because I could. (Isn't that one of the biggest perks of marrying into royalty?)

Hopefully some more shots will be released from the little shindig Kate attended at the Palace. I'd love to get a full view of this tiara in all its glory.

What do you think of Kate's bejeweled look?


Image via Splash

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