Natalie Portman Might Have Saved Chris Hemsworth's Marriage!

natalie portmanI don't want to brag or anything, guys, but I'm pretty sure I just figured out a way to save a whole ton of Hollywood marriages from divorce. I KNOW. Huge, right? Part of me wants to tell you the secret right now, but another part of me thinks maybe I should keep this whole thing under wraps for awhile, you know? Snag a book deal, be the next Dr. Phil (except female, and the only people I'd be able to "help" would be married celebs). Okay, okay -- fine, I'll tell you. Anyway, it's not really MY secret: It's Natalie Portman's. 

Confused yet? Well ... did ya see Thor: The Dark World? If you did, you probably saw -- SPOILER ALERT -- Natalie Portman making out with Hottie McHotterson Chris Hemsworth at the end of the flick, right? Except, guess what? You didn't. You did NOT see Portman and Hemsworth smoocherooing. Nope. 

Here's what you did see (and I promise I'm getting to the part about saving Hollywood marriages):


You saw Chris Hemsworth kissing his real-life wife -- in a Natalie Portman wig!! (His wife was wearing the wig, not Chris. Just to be clear.) Apparently the big kissing scene was filmed during re-shoots in Hong Kong and Portman couldn't be there because she was working on another film. So Hemsworth's 37-year-old wife, Elsa Pataky, stepped in -- to pretty much seamless results (I mean, I wouldn't have noticed the difference if Portman hadn't pointed it out).

Which is cool in and of itself, but -- BUT -- consider the possibilities here! How many Hollywood pairings could be saved from the threat of uber-attractive co-stars with this method?? Portman even thinks the kiss was more "passionate" because Pataky was in her place and called the fix a "perfect solution." 

On so many levels, Natalie. On so many levels.

Are you surprised that Chris Hemsworth was kissing his own wife in Thor: The Dark World?

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